Meeting Apps


Meeting apps are rapidly taking over the event industry – they are ubiquitous productivity tools that help to drive connectivity and engagement with your attendees. If you are a Meeting Planner or Conference Organizer here are some tips and insight for using Meeting Apps.

Generate more residual income by enhancing the event for your sponsors and give yourself more “digital real estate” for selling sponsorships and other discount offers via the Meeting App.

Bake in Session Feedback Surveys during and after your event – most mobile apps (ours included) have built in survey functionality enabling you to poll attendees easily and quickly.

Dynamically Push Information to your Attendees – Meeting Apps let you update your attendees just about in real time during your event – instantly connect and communicate and no worries about email connectivity issues for/with your attendees.

Brand Your Event – Meeting Apps provide a great way to brand your event by customizing your meeting app with corporate colors, logo, email contacts, social connections and links to forms.

Cut Down on Paper Usage, Go Green and Save your Team Time – Meeting Apps afford more productivity for your business, it’s all digital, saving time and money on “old school” registration forms requiring data entry and helping to make your Event Organization Green by reducing your carbon footprint.

Stay Connected with your Attendees During an Event – Mobile Apps are design to incorporate Twitter streams, especially if you are using Hashtags for your event – and you can monitor what’s being said in real time other social networks as well.

Steer Your Attendees in the Right Direction and Save them Time (Productivity) – most meeting apps have built in maps, the ability to customize your information; i.e. places of interest, things to do during the event, local landmarks and places of interest.

Build a Tighter Connection with your Attendees – Your attendees are mobile ready in today’s always on digital economy. Meeting Apps ensure they are in tune with your event and connected on a 24/7 basis.

Meeting Apps Enhance Your Overall Event and Drive Competitive Advantage – Are your direct competitors using mobile apps? If the answer is no, then mobile app integration with your business model will definitely drive competitive advantage and help to distinguish your brand with your attendees.

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