Ashish Lakhiani
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Surveys are critical for the success of your events. It let you know what worked and what not in the event. With the survey and feedback feature, you get valuable opinions, advice, or review from attendees about your event. Every event organizer wants to add elements their guests love. Therefore, you should create surveys and distribute them via your event app. Surveys are like a two-way-street between attendees and organizers. You can gather attendees' opinions either in the form of event session-specific survey or feedback form. Feedback form is available either as multi-choice questions, ratings, sliding scale, or open-form questions. You can easily select the type of feedback form and distribute it for the reviews.

Another benefit of using a survey feature is that all responses can be viewed in a table or chart format. Thus, giving more clarity about attendees' opinions. You can also export data to MS-Excel for manipulation and to determine survey results. Moreover, you can also go for a live polling option within our university, tradeshow, enterprise, healthcare, or the conference app. The survey feature lets you improve upcoming events. Additionally, you also get reviews about specific sessions and speakers. This is an engaging feature as it keeps the interaction going between attendees and the organizers. With Grupio, you can send out surveys pre, during or post the event. Make sure to make your surveys easy, quick and less time consuming to obtain review from the maximum number of attendees.