Ashish Lakhiani
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Analytics in the event app is the organizer's best friend. As it let organizers and planners gain an understanding of attendees' behavior as well as optimize your event goals. You can also track the daily progress of the app. With Grupio Event Analytics, you gain app download insights by checking. Number of app downloads per day Download tracking by country Demographic report


You can also get a report on the in-app usage of the trade show, university or conference app. The following information will be available in the analytics portal.

Users sessions by day

User sessions by country

Active user trends

News users vs. existing users

Session path

Session lengths

Usage by section and page

User device type and operating system version

User mobile carrier

Social media

By gathering and reporting data with analytics, you are continuously updated with your app performance. Thus, based on such reports, you can quickly review your website, launch campaigns, or add new features. Also, you can try A/B testing and check its impact on the attendees. Such changes in the app help you improve your event and gain more attendees. Moreover, it will also get you more event sponsors and exhibitors. So, improve user engagement and acquisition by optimizing your app and its feature with the help of analytics data.