Ashish Lakhiani
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Lead Generation

Lead Generation features in apps let you gain leads and increase your ROI. Whether its healthcare app, enterprise app, conference app, or tradeshow app, lead generation is helpful. With this feature, you can find attendees by name, company name, and interest. Thus, you can save the attendee vcard on Grupio secure server from the app. Saving the attendee details is a must so that you can easily connect with them for your next event.

Once your data is saved, you can integrate the data with the corporate SalesForce system to transfer lead contacts to your SalesForce account. You can then use the SalesForce Chatter to chat with these contacts and keep in touch with them to build business relationships. Lead GenerationGeneration features an event app that helps you gain and retain leads.


Not only this, but you can also read QR codes that store visiting cards, website links, and more. Add a vcard scanned from a QR code to Grupio’s server right after scanning it. Hence, whenever the data is needed, you can read vcards from QR codes. All the leads can be retrieved by downloading the QR Code report via CMS.