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The ideal solution for career fairs, student orientations, and department meetings. Grupio mobile University Apps will drive more attendance to these meetups and enhance interactivity with inter-attendee messaging and notifications. Send event app notification messages to make announcements such as "Did You Know" facts about the university or announce prize winners inside of your events.

University Apps for Interactivity
University Apps for Illustrated maps

Illustrated maps

Attendees can guide themselves around the event with interactive maps by using the best University Apps. Perfect for student orientations and career fairs where attendees are slightly less frequent visitors to the university. Show them where exhibitor booths and office buildings are on a map that they can tap on to interact with within the mobile event app. Tapping on a colored box on the map will make text pop up that explains what is located at that position.

Social media sharing

Let attendees spread the word about the event with social media connectivity from within the best university mobile apps. They can login to their Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts and post about the event or a session while still attending the event. Promote the usage of viral and word of mouth marketing techniques at your event to get the highest foot and media traffic.

University Apps for Social Media Sharing
University Apps for News Casts

News Casts

Stream news casts out to your attendees with RSS feeds. Before, during, and after the event, app users can know about prizes, campus sports teams, new and old teachers, federal and state-level politics that affect student life, and much more.

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