Ashish Lakhiani
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Event and Conference app management features

Grupio makes it convenient for your attendees to access concise and relevant event information when they need it during the event. It also is a part of your event that they take home with them through the mobile event app on their device. Your event is displayed absolutely the way it is intended through the event app with branding, your advertisements, surveys, the capability to message other attendees, and much more.

Mobile event app features are ever-evolving. In the last decade seat selection and social media sharing from mobile event apps were not possible. But over the years these things became a reality. At Grupio we offer the widest range of mobile event app features. From mobile admin to update the event activities on the go-to analytics everything is possible in an event app.

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, 2020 has introduced a need for a lot of new features in mobile conference apps. Starting with custom backgrounds, auto filters, appearance touch-ups, branding, the possibility of running banner ads, and managing meeting transcriptions. We can help you arrange multiple conference environments that can fulfill the needs of the participants as well as sponsors.

These advanced features will help you in staying connected with conference attendees through the CME apps, University apps, and healthcare event app. These best conference app features will not only help you achieve the purpose of a virtual conference but enhance the learning experience. Our custom multi-event functionality will help you generate more data in regards to the attendee experience and brand visibility of your sponsors.

We can help you build an all in one white label event app with all the features that you may need today or in the future. Our mobile event app development is broken down into various event app features that can serve all types of event requirements. From a small enterprise-level event app we can cater to all your event planning needs.