Ashish Lakhiani
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Speakers in the event play a significant role in exhibitions and trade shows. They enable interaction among attendees, colleagues, and co-workers. They not only lead communication but also share information and contact details. Using integration with an event app, you can add speaker sessions to third-party calendars such as Outlook or iCal and share it via social media integration. You can also change the information associated with Speaker sessions at any time from the Grupio Content Management System (CMS).

To make your conference and tradeshow successful, it is essential to provide speaker information to attendees. Conference app with speaker details lets users prioritize the sessions they want to attend. For managing speakers in the event include necessary information such as speaker name, biography, company name & designation. Along with it also include details related to the time and location of the speaker’s session. The speaker option lets your attendees search and select for their favorite speaker session. Also, they can share their quotes and presentation via social media handles.

Moreover, multiple attendees can connect with speakers. Multiple attendees can connect with speakers. Also, they can interact with each other via discussion boards. The Speaker feature engages everyone with active participation.