Ashish Lakhiani
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Attendee Messaging

List your attendees sorted in alphabetical order within the event app messaging system. Show each attendee's name, title, picture, bio, company, phone, and email. Search for attendees by name. These are your end users and this section will list them professionally and make them look good.

Privacy is valued in a big way in our event apps. Attendees can edit their profiles and choose to switch off messaging, switch on or off display of contact information, edit their bios, and even upload latest images of themselves at any time.

Upload your attendees into the content management system. You can use an Excel sheet for this. The import process lets users import thousands of attendees at a time. Set their usernames, passwords, and even set up predefined schedules for them so that their individual calendars can show sessions that you have selected for them.

Attendees can message each other using the built-in messaging feature. They can search for one another using names, keywords, and company names, or through alphabetically sorted lists. Exhibitor attendees are displayed in the system showing their connections to the exhibitors and can be reached from the exhibitor section as well as the general attendee list.