Ashish Lakhiani
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If companies have great control over the content and branding, nothing can stop them. With the CMS feature in the event app, you can control both content and branding. From editing the colors of the app to downloading analytics reports & feedback of the survey, everything is available at your fingertips. Grupio CMS offers a wide range of tools to manage content, graphics, and user experience. As you can customize your event app with the help of CMS and make it more engaging.

Furthermore, you can also get information about your attendee's likes and dislikes. Grupio CMS lets you create surveys, polls, feedback surveys, and send them online. Additionally, the results are displayed in graphs, and accordingly, you can make changes in your next event to make it a big success.

CMS analytic function is a must for an event management system. As analytics provide all information from app download to how the users have interacted your content. All these facts and figures will make you more efficient at your next event. In a conference apps, the analytic data will help you know how your employees are using the data and whether your content is engaging. Make your office events more fun with a CMS feature as it lets you customize the content, theme, and graphics. Whether its university event, CME event, conference, or healthcare event, everything is easily and effectively managed by CMS features.

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