Ashish Lakhiani
Privacy Policy

Dharanet, LLC, the company that owns and runs Grupio, is committed to providing you, our customers,with outstanding products and services while protecting your personal information. Providing the highest quality products and services require us to collect information about various aspects of your event/s such as attendees, sponsors, speakers, exhibit lists, etc. For Speakers, Attendees and Exhibitors we may collect information such as name, tile, company, and contact information.This Privacy Policy outlines our procedures and our pledge to constantly protect the private information you have entrusted us with.

Use of Customer Information

We do not sell your customer Information to anyone.

We do not disclose your data / customer Information to any third-parties.

We do not use your data in any way other than for purposes of fulfilling the functionality in our application.

We have also given option to customers in "My Account" section to delete account and all related data

Protection of Information

All of our employees have agreed to comply with our Privacy Policy.

Customer Information We May Disclose or Share

In the course of conducting our business and servicing your needs, we do not disclose your Information to anyone except as permitted or required by law.

Data Security Guidelines:

1. Transport Layer between Grupio Apps & Backend server (High Priority)

We are using HTTPS protocol to access the Grupio web-services (API), that is secure to send & receive the data. All data get encrypted while API call and it decrypts when it received on server. While transferring data from client-to-server, no one can access this data. So we can say all these API are enough secure.

2. At Webservice level (High Priority)

We have two level of the web-services (APIs). In first level, these are simple web-services API (with middle level security) that allows the mobile apps to access data from Grupio database based on based on particular parameters. These API are not highly secured, but these are following HTTPS protocol for data exchange. Mostly these APIs are GET requested APIs. There are very less APIs that allows to alter the records in database.

In Second level, we have higher level security with secret signature codes that allows only valid users to access the information. These APIs have used to insert/update/delete data from Grupio event's database. These APIs allows valid users to interchange the data..

3. Backend data storage and encryption level (Medium Priority)

In Back-end, we are using PHP server script with MySQL database. We are using our custom encryption algorithms to save data and validations. Our Database is protected from SQL injections and code is most of the code is written based on OOPS concept. Apart from this, we are using "robots.txt" for Google so events links and data not shown on Google.