Ashish Lakhiani
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Social Media is in trend. Everyone around the globe is on one of the many social media channels. Therefore, social media integration has become an integral part of every event app. No event planner or organizer can miss having this feature on their app. Social media integration helps you reach a greater audience and generate brand awareness. From Facebook to LinkedIn, every social media channel focuses on the particular age group of the audience.

Give your attendees an option to share event videos, photos, and recording to different social media platforms with a single click. Integrating Facebook with conference app, lets the audience and event organizers share event sessions, speakers, blogs, article posts, and videos on the go. It is the best way to make your content reachable to a broader audience.

You can also share backstage activities and images with your audience, improving your brand image and reputation. By customizing the hashtags for your event, tradeshows, and sessions, you can popularize them among the attendee's friends and families. While on twitter, exhibitors and sponsors can tweet everything about their products, services, and even demonstrations. You can also share conference news and latest happenings or changes in the event via Twitter.

Social Media is not only helpful during events but also before that. You can create pre-event buzz. Moreover, you can run social media campaigns related to the event, such as contests, challenges, or polls. Social media management in the event app is a great way to increase networking opportunities and generate leads.