Ashish Lakhiani
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Grupio Event App provides you with sponsorship opportunities. Sponsor pages not only let you highlight sponsors of the event but also provide solutions to generate revenue for the event. Event apps can be turned into profit centers through sponsor features. Sponsor pages in the event app let you showcase your sponsors as well as offer several ways to do so. With Grupio App, you can customize your sponsor pages too. As, you can either categorize your sponsors as Gold, Silver, and Platinum or can add your category names.

While managing sponsorship in events, you can also run ads. Sponsor pages contain ad bars that include ad images. Add banners that can rotate at the top or button of your university, healthcare, or the conference app. Clicking on the ad image with relevant content, take users to the website of the organization. You can also change the weblinks and ad images on a real-time basis from the content management system. Another feature added to our sponsor page is takeover ads. It is based on predetermined actions attendee take within the app. You can implement the ad either to a single section or all over.