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Healthcare Event Apps for Multilevel Session Organization

Multilevel Session Organization

Set up more than 1000 sessions in the healthcare events apps with ease. Organize them under tracks and set relationships between them so as to make some sessions for children or subsets of other sessions. Have up to 3 levels of parent-child sessions. Use chronological session ordering to show sessions on a day to day basis. This educational event app is used as a hub of medical research and diagnostics.

QR Codes

Track attendance at your sessions by scanning QR codes. Get an organized Excel sheet that shows which attendees entered into and exited out of which sessions and even at what times. This works great for CME providers that have to report the attendance of health care practitioners to governing authorities that issue certifications. These features make the use of healthcare apps as an educational tool, that helps maintain the integrity of sessions and attendees.

Healthcare Event Apps to Track Attendance
Healthcare Event Apps for Attendees


Attendees can preview document and slide files and take notes on a per slide basis. They can share notes taken on slides with others and share the entire files as well through the healthcare events apps. Give your attendees the power to download files onto the local memory of their device to view them in airplane mode during travel. Education in healthcare is a unique experience when you mobilize your handouts. Save thousands on printing costs as well. As a healthcare conference app, our solution caters from a small research group to a large medical conference with lectures, trade shows, and sponsors.

Convenient Surveys

Distribute surveys to your audience via the healthcare events apps. Get ratings for your speakers, poster sessions, certification delivery effectiveness, health care policies, etc. with ease. Results are downloadable onto Excel sheets on a real-time basis by event administrators at any time. Use surveys to conduct polls and find prizewinners based on responses. One of the basic aspects of learning apps is the ability to take feedback from attendees, our app is fully empowered as a survey app.

Healthcare Event Apps for Convenient Surveys
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