Ashish Lakhiani
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Push Notification & Alerts

The Grupio event app has inbuilt Push Notification and Alert Feature. With this feature, you can send messages to all the subscribed users. Also, you send welcome notes, updates related to changes in the event timing, venue, and much more. Grupio also lets you include a link within the message to bring the user to the specific section of the app or website. You can also add intelligence to alerts by setting the time zone using you mobile event app.

You can also use the scheduling feature to organize the distribution of alerts to your attendees over a span of time. Thus, you can schedule your notifications or alerts according to the event time zone. You can schedule multiple events at once and also in advance. This option lets you focus more on other event priorities. Also, with this feature, you can periodically send PDFs, video, whitepaper, or other event-related stuff.

With a conference apps, you can send each employee a popup notification on their phone or email, reminding or updating them about office meets and activities. You can also send real-time notifications related to contests, challenges, and other events specific information. Don't miss a single opportunity to stay connected with your subscribers. Send live notifications and alerts in the event with Grupio. You can even send live images of backstage images to your attendees. With this feature, you even message them with surveys or feedback forms.