Tips to Engage Your Virtual Event Attendees

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COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown to overcome has changed our perspective towards everything in life. Face-to-face meetings are not possible due to which a lot of event planning companies are turning towards virtual events. Continue reading “Tips to Engage Your Virtual Event Attendees”

Planning your Virtual Event App

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Due to COVID- 19, Virtual events are on the rise during this lockdown period. It is no surprise that more and more companies are investing in mobile event app technology for virtual event planning. If you are not already a part of this race, then please join without further ado. Continue reading “Planning your Virtual Event App”

Monetizing your Conference App

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To extend the reach of physical events like conferences, annual meetings, sales meetings etc. virtual events can lend a helping hand. Digital extensions can provide additional means to the event management companies to generate revenue, gather sponsors and call attendees without any physical commute. Continue reading “Monetizing your Conference App”

Crisis Event Management – Tips to reschedule or postpone event

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Event planning takes months and months of hard work. You plan everything to the T in order to make sure that the execution is flawless. However, even with all the preparations and contingency planning, you might have to cancel more than an event or two in your life.You must have get one of the mobile event app for proper event plan execution. Continue reading “Crisis Event Management – Tips to reschedule or postpone event”

How you can leverage Grupio conference app if you’re going Virtual

Face to face interaction is an invaluable part of event management. However, there comes a time when the need to go virtual is inevitable such as during this time where COVID 19 has taken over our lives. Events and conferences are such a huge part of businesses. They are bound to happen one way or another. But how can you manage it without risking lives at this point in time? The answer to the question is Grupio, the best conference apps. Continue reading “How you can leverage Grupio conference app if you’re going Virtual”

5 Major Event Planning Challenges And How to Overcome Them


A lot of time, dedication and money go into event planning. From curating a guest list to making sure all the catering and venue decor and a lot of small tasks at hand need to be streamlined and executed. While doing all this, event planners are bound to make mistakes and face a few event planning challenges. Continue reading “5 Major Event Planning Challenges And How to Overcome Them”

How Much Does IT Cost To Develop An Event App?

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If you have invested time and money in building an events app then you know that pricing is one of the most confusing aspects. You might find apps that are free while some apps can cost up to lakhs. This dramatic variation in price is due to the features, functionality, UI and technology used to build these apps. However, you can not really pinpoint why some event app development cost a lot more than others. All these apps have a basic agenda, floor plan and tools but you need to dig deeper for the logic. First of all, let’s talk about the free goodies. Continue reading “How Much Does IT Cost To Develop An Event App?”

The Importanceof Event Apps for Event Planning Business

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Mobiles are the future, there’s no denying this fact. The device size for accessing things online has decreased subsequently and mobile browsing has become the main source of data consumption and computing. Mobile event planning business apps are on the rise and it is playing a big role in the event management world. The main reason why use of an event app is famous amongst the organisers is their ability to make things easier and the event less stressful. Continue reading “The Importanceof Event Apps for Event Planning Business”

Challenges your event planning app can help you overcome

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While organising large events you are bound to face challenges. There are a lot of factors that are to keep in mind while organizing a large event; with venue prep, vendors, marketing, operations and attendee needs, organisers have their hands full. Continue reading “Challenges your event planning app can help you overcome”