Use the Event Management App & Plan Events at Reduced Cost

Are you an event management company? You indeed have this responsibility on your shoulders to plan, organize and accomplish every event ideally to bring about satisfaction for its participants and the people who will visit there. Continue reading “Use the Event Management App & Plan Events at Reduced Cost”

How do Tradeshow Apps Help in Lead Generation and Networking?

Not only we, but most industry insiders believe that event apps are pretty much a need these days. And close to half of the event planners are already using such apps regularly at their events, and adoption is growing every year at an incredible pace. Continue reading “How do Tradeshow Apps Help in Lead Generation and Networking?”

Event App: A Must-Have for Successful Planning

No one can deny or ignore the significance of mobile event apps in current situations. These may or may not be needed before but much required in the present time. Actually, it would not be wrong to say that the event app and its usage have revolutionized the entire event industry. There are different types of applications that have become a must-have for event professionals all over the World. Continue reading “Event App: A Must-Have for Successful Planning”

Choose Best Event Apps & Ease Your Work

The popularity of event apps is increasing every day. Similarly, the need for the app is also getting stronger.

As a result, to fulfill that need, there are hundreds of different types of event management apps available. Now, the challenging task is to find one right app among so many options. Continue reading “Choose Best Event Apps & Ease Your Work”

Use the Best Event App to Mobilize Your Event This 2020 – 2021

No one can deny the truth ‘mobile apps have significantly changed our lives’. Right from purchasing groceries to ordering electronic gadgets and performing bank transactions, we can do everything from one place. Every now and then, new applications are rolling out to make our job easier; And, Event Application is one of them.

Continue reading “Use the Best Event App to Mobilize Your Event This 2020 – 2021”

What to Avoid While Planning an Online Event

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The lockdown period has resulted in the rise of online event. Planning a virtual event, seminar, or conference is a pretty hectic task that requires a meticulous approach and hard work. From ensuring an excellent experience for your attendees online to proper engagement for your sponsors, there’s a lot to organize and work on for event management companies. Ensuring the success of your event can help your investments to pay off. These days event management apps are out to help! Continue reading “What to Avoid While Planning an Online Event”

Enhance attendee engagement during virtual events

attendee engagement during virtual event | grupio

COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown to overcome has changed our perspective towards everything in life. Face-to-face meetings are not possible due to which a lot of event planning companies are turning towards virtual events. Continue reading “Enhance attendee engagement during virtual events”

Planning your Virtual Event App

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Due to COVID- 19, Virtual events are on the rise during this lockdown period. It is no surprise that more and more companies are investing in mobile event app technology for virtual event planning. If you are not already a part of this race, then please join without further ado. Continue reading “Planning your Virtual Event App”