5 Major Event Planning Challenges And How to Overcome Them


A lot of time, dedication and money go into event planning. From curating a guest list to making sure all the catering and venue decor and a lot of small tasks at hand need to be streamlined and executed. While doing all this, event planners are bound to make mistakes and face a few event planning challenges. Continue reading “5 Major Event Planning Challenges And How to Overcome Them”

Challenges your event planning app can help you overcome

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While organising large events you are bound to face challenges. There are a lot of factors that are to keep in mind while organizing a large event; with venue prep, vendors, marketing, operations and attendee needs, organisers have their hands full. Continue reading “Challenges your event planning app can help you overcome”

Best Event Planning Apps & Features to Consider

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Events; Events, always bring with them either fun or knowledge.

But, do you know behind every event there is tremendous hard work by the event planners and organizers? To make an event successful, you need to find a perfect venue, create a plan, and get the sponsors. Therefore, to sort this mammoth task, several Event Management Apps are floating in the market. Continue reading “Best Event Planning Apps & Features to Consider”

10 Factors that affect the mobile event app development cost

Business is all about profits but we need to invest before we can reap the benefits. Entrepreneurs need to invest in mobile app development and the cost isn’t cheap. There isn’t a fixed recipe of finding out the cost for an android or iOS app. However, it requires cleaning the fundamental comprehension of the cost factors. Mobile event app development organizations utilize one equation for charging their customers. Continue reading “10 Factors that affect the mobile event app development cost”

15 Creative Promotion Ideas to Increase event engagement

Apart from making sure that everything is working smoothly during the event, increasing audience engagement is crucial to make it successful. In this digital world where every little thing can be accessed with the help of a single phone, face to face interactions and physical meetings and gestures are becoming a privilege for customers and businesses. Continue reading “15 Creative Promotion Ideas to Increase event engagement”

Conference App Guide Book 2020

For conference success, Mobile apps are rapidly becoming a must-have addition. But what works for conferencing apps and why? In this digital age, technology is a central aspect if you’re in the event or conference planning industry.

Conference apps provide an opportunity to offer an interactive version of your program and proceedings with a feature to connect with delegates immediately. Navigation, picking agendas and getting crucial updates from chairs, networks and attendees feedback, everything becomes easier with apps. Need a positive return on your investments? You should build an app today. Continue reading “Conference App Guide Book 2020”

Apps for Event Planning – Consider the Best Event Planning App

best-event-planning-app-tips ‎When you are scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook, have you noticed ads related to events near your place? There are hundreds of events with different demographics and interests that are being held up daily. Event planning app has proven to be an engaging and powerful medium. They optimize the efforts of organizers to improve customer experience.

With the growing demand, there are many of event planning apps in the market, but what makes the best event apps stand out? To help you get a better idea about the event planning app development, we have compiled a list of points and features. Continue reading “Apps for Event Planning – Consider the Best Event Planning App”