3 Common Yet Best Event Apps to Use in 2020-2021

Common Yet Best Event Apps

This is the era where we have an app for everything, literally everything. Like in every sector of human endeavor, smartphone applications can be used to improve, enhance the event experience. Even your audience can leverage the minute event updates, detailed information, location-based awareness, and special offers, all in the palm of their hand, with event apps.

There are 3 common but best event apps you can use in the upcoming years to make sure your work proceeds smoothly. Take a look!
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Planning your Virtual Event App

planning-your-virtual-event | grupio

Due to COVID- 19, Virtual events are on the rise during this lockdown period. It is no surprise that more and more companies are investing in mobile event app technology for virtual event planning. If you are not already a part of this race, then please join without further ado. Continue reading “Planning your Virtual Event App”

Virtual Events: Powerful Tips for Hosting Successful Online Events Amid COVID-19

virtual events powerful tips for hosting successful online

Without a doubt, the meeting and event industry is one that’s creative and resilient. It’s why among the news of event cancelations or postponements, many events have announced they’ll be going virtual during the COVID-19 outbreak using a Virtual event app.

While other options make sense for some, going virtual with event app comes with many benefits such as keeping attendees safe, audience retention, increasing inclusivity, and recouping some losses (both financial and creative). Continue reading “Virtual Events: Powerful Tips for Hosting Successful Online Events Amid COVID-19”

How to Bridge out gaps on your conferences during this outbreak of COVID-19

While health and safety are topmost priorities for all of us, we know it can still be flattening to cancel an event. For associations, canceling an annual meeting or event means missing out a valuable time to bring your community together. During these times, we can look to technology to bridge some of the gaps that missing out on your annual conference may cause.

And what better way than with mobile? An average person spends nearly 4 hours a day on their phones. With Grupio, you can easily turn your event app into a year-round membership engagement to keep you and your members in communication. Here are a few ideas for changing your association event app into a year-round engagement tool.

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Mobile Event Apps – Smartest Way to Power-up Your Event Planning

There were times when mobile phones were hyped pager. And today is the time where these powerful gadgets are just like super computers which fit in the palm of our hand. Not to our surprise, Event planning app of the mobile phones brought a rise in mobile event apps. And mobile applications hold great importance to, especially, for event professionals. Top event app functions are designed by covering a range of functions. The event apps tend to make tasks easier, simpler, and faster yet the entire sequence remains proficient. As event apps cover a lot of needs, the features in apps will certainly benefit event planners. They are advantageous to everyone who is associated with the event(s) like attendees, guests, partners, sponsors, and exhibitors. Continue reading “Mobile Event Apps – Smartest Way to Power-up Your Event Planning”

Mobile Applications for Different Sectors to Give More Power to Entire Event(s)


Mobile Applications for Different Sectors to Give More Power to Entire Event(s)

Nothing can be great than planning, managing, and organizing an event without error! And this is what every planner aims. In this digital world, things are available at our fingertips. There is a different level of ease associated with mobile technology .It allows people/users to hold more power to trail their success-path and achieve their targets. For event planners, the mobile event app is truly a blessing!. It allows planners to stay efficient and make their event a grand success. Let’s have a look at the benefits of mobile apps in different sectors- Continue reading “Mobile Applications for Different Sectors to Give More Power to Entire Event(s)”

Why Event app technology is Gaining Momentum?

Why Event app technology is Gaining Momentum?

Mobile app deployment

A lot has been written, read, and heard about the importance of smartphone and how a rise of smartphone users gave a boost to event applications. No doubt, Event apps make event planning more efficient and hassle-free! Everyone demands personalized info at their fingertips & apps have capabilities to provide access to facts, figures, and updates on just a single click. It helps event marketers to create more personalized attendees experience and keep them engaged before, during, and after the event. Continue reading “Why Event app technology is Gaining Momentum?”

How to Use Social Media To Promote Your Upcoming Event

It is obvious that an event needs promotion for success. When the word marketing or promotion comes to the mind, the word “social media” automatically comes associated with it. It is because our lives today are not anyway disconnected from the social network. This must be used as a tool to reach out to a wider and new audience at a global level. The best benefit any event derives from being promoted with the help of social media networks is that with less effort more than expected visibility is achieved.

ways to use social media for event promotion
source: blog.picatic.com by @DanCarthy2

Ways to Use the Social Media Tool in the Promotion of the Upcoming Event:

1. Event Page

First things first the event must be given an identity, a solid look which will be promoted. One must create a page for the Event which must have all the right information displayed. For example, an ideal event Facebook social page must have an attractive photo, an appealing short straightforward description and details about the venue. Remember no one loves reading long texts. Cut short words to focus just on what is needed.

The event page is also a place tat can help plan and execute event planning. The event planning app is another way to assit the plannig team and give information to attendees.

2. YouTube as event promotion tool

YouTube is the most prominent medium to spread words in the society. Live videos with appealing content and sound can attract endless views within seconds. However, the quality of the content must be out of this world standard. To design content for YouTube one must take into considerations the following things:-

a) Check previous years video testimonials to compare how this year the quality of the event are different?

b) Make snippets along with background voiceover to show small snippets of the preparations for the final event.

c) Provide an impressive welcome note from the company’s side for the audience.

d) Take into consideration what the guests will be expecting from the event.

e) Use techniques like whiteboard animations to showcase the concept of the event in short.

f) Use of annotations

3. Involve Your Sponsors

Check out the social media followers the corporate sponsor of the event has. Involve them in the process so they can spread the word in their space usins social media event promotion tools. The Additional audience will be highly beneficial for the visibility of the event and it can be further enhanced wirh an event app. It is a fact that if the event you are hosting becomes a success then it signifies a success for the sponsors as well. If any special deals or offers are planned then convey this information to your sponsors too so they can also spread the news.

4. Engage Users Through Content

Irrespective of social media doing the majority of the promotional work, the effort will be unsuccessful if the content is not engaging. Remember users do not have the whole day to sit and watch the content. It is just 10 seconds in which one has to grab the attention of the viewer. Make content interactive and try engaging the user in some interesting activity.

5. LinkedIn as event promtion tool

Today all companies have a professional LinkedIn account. For finding out audience start joining groups which are connected with the industry you are dealing with. Communicate with people in the group, offer ideas and advice. The more your face becomes familiar the more genuine factor will improve. So, when the next event is in queue spread out the link of the social network event page and conference app in LinkedIn groups.

6. HashTag Menia

These days brand use company hashtags to create a buzz. Make short and simple to the point hashtags and keep promoting it on various social networks.

7. Mobile Event App

Invest into a mobile event app specifically made promoting the event on various OS platforms. This way you can send notifications, connect to new people and continuously communicate their inquiries.

Nowadays, no other way creates as big exposure as the social media does. Hence, one must completely leverage on it. Learn about them and work on to make a space for the upcoming event. Use the best event app to make sure all your social media channels are aligned.

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