What is White Label App? How is it useful for the business?


The mobile technology industry rules today and it entered the event world. All this gives connectivity and mobility that are used in everyday life. This is why white label event app became a quick and easy solution to have a dedicated app for the event. What do you think, is it a good choice?

Before moving ahead, let’s understand what is while label event application?

What Is a White Label Event App?

A white label event app is a branded or custom event app offering broadest customization. This includes presenting your event’s name in the app store and on the splash screen. As they offer customization options, white-label apps support more interactive brand experience.

This mobile-first solution gives the attendees an ability to navigate & engage with events in an unparalleled way.

How White Label Event Management is Helpful for Businesses?

It’s Simple, Quick and Easy

White Label Event App development is a ready-made and integrated solution that makes branding easy and simple.

It is quite challenging and costly to hire developers that know native & cross-platform apps. Also, they have to be updated about the new web, Android, and iOS technology. However, you don’t have to spend extra money, effort, and time on development and research with the event management app.

Keeps App Development Costs Low

The white label event app solutions are developed by professionals that have years of experience.

Partnering with an already existent white label solution always proved to be helpful. It decreases costs as well as grabs new customers. They will get the required solution at a faster pace.

Lets You Focus On Your Business Competency

Sometimes a company plans to build the app themselves. But, they don’t possess the expertise to do so. If you wish to stretch your resources, it will be beyond the core competencies of your business. The virtual event app solutions can be specifically trusted. This further allows you to focus on your business. By avoiding any mistakes that may be made by others in a particular field.

Keeping Customer Satisfied

Every event planning app gives a simple and clear path for customers. But, the total time and effort it takes to create an event management app will force companies to look for other solutions.

All this situation can be avoided by taking the help of professionals. They offer prepackaged white label solutions that help in fulfilling requirements.
White label app solutions are ideal to build distinctive business brands. It offers products or services without any real investment in the form of technology and infrastructure.

Thus, the end goal is to build your brand reputation, selling your products and services. Along with simplifying the process of more conversion.

Inclusive of Comprehensive Features

Every event management app comes with a powerful and easy to use management tool. That helps you communicate with your event followers. Apps with push notifications and messaging take complete control of your communication. Apps are not only used for events but medical educational apps are also of great help when you have to educate.

Increases Interaction

Whether you are taking the help of a conference app or meeting app, it must be interactive. The attendees not only stay updated all the time. But they can also take help to create a personal schedule, sync across multiple devices, and get notified when a presentation is about to start.

All the attendees can also become a part of the live questionnaires. They can also give feedback to presenters with the help of the app while enhancing engagement.

Increase Sponsors Revenue

For sponsors, your event is a way to gain exposure to a specific target group. Isn’t it?The while label app solution provides an event organizer app. Thus, it gives a channel to sponsors to reach the target audience.

Stay Connected & Build Your Community

As an event professional, it is quite important to stay connected to your community. So that you engage them in ongoing discussions. Interactive sessions, news, and publications are some you can notify attendees before, during, and after the event. With this white label event app, you can send notifications to all users at any moment.

Real-Time Event Analytics

The event app gamification can provide you with (real-time) event information. Relevant information can be used to make adjustments and then plan for your next event. This ultimately helps in enhancing the overall event experience and ROI.

Keep Up with Attendee Demands

Whether it is an enterprise event application, university app or app for tradeshows, they enable you to adapt to the attendees ever-evolving needs. Today, attendees want more than just having information. Agree?
Nowadays, attendees want to participate and become more involved. The while label app gives delegates the means to communicate, collaborate, and interact during the event. It furthermore makes their event experience more complete.

Save Time In Communication

With this event mobile applications collaborating with the attendees are all the people who are part of the event is easy. This helps in saving time as well as effort in communication.
Chats take place in real-time and they are threaded for easy referencing. You can take its help to go for video conferencing with participants involved in organizing the event.

Automate Your Next Event to Save Time and Money

Taking the help of an ideal white-label event management application is a good idea. As, it improves productivity, eliminates errors, and assists you in getting status updates. It helps in synchronizing all your event activities. Thus saving time and cost in event management.

However, a smooth entry process is one of the best ways you can improve your attendees’ experience. You can explore how Grupio can simplify your planning process and help you spend on what matters most for making your event a huge success.

Today, event apps are becoming an industry-standard with clear benefits to both users and organizers. Are you ready to take the next leap? Reach us today!

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