Use the Best Event App to Mobilize Your Event This 2020 – 2021

No one can deny the truth ‘mobile apps have significantly changed our lives’. Right from purchasing groceries to ordering electronic gadgets and performing bank transactions, we can do everything from one place. Every now and then, new applications are rolling out to make our job easier; And, Event Application is one of them.

Every event planner does tremendous hard work to ensure the successful completion of an event; they must not forget that 3.5 billion people are using smartphones (including their event attendees too). Considering these statistics, they can think of incorporating an event app to benefit their attendees. There are numerous powerful reasons why organizers should invest in an event app. By providing their attendees with an application, they can heighten the user’s interest and amaze them with well-organized arrangements. Now everything can be done with a few clicks.

  • Improve User Engagement : Enhancing user engagement is vital to organize a successful event. Here, we’re providing a few tips to encourage attendees’ engagement.

    • You can spark interaction between attendees; post trendy topics, announcements, news, and controversies to seed conversations among users using the event app feature.

    • Send timely notifications to remind attendees about the event activities, share recent updates, and more.

    • Using the Best Meeting App, organizers can easily share any kind of content relevant to the event.

  • Easy Check-ins and Live Polling: Using an event app, attendees can conveniently check-in to the event. Moreover, for organizers, it helps to identify the actual number of confirmed participants. You can use the live polling option within the app, real-time discussion can trigger the audiences’ interest and encourage them to ask questions. You can collect valuable feedback using the in-app survey feature. This feedback will help you make your next event a great success.

One Event App for Multiple Events

If you conduct multiple events throughout the year, consider getting a multi-event app. It’s a re-usable app; you’ve to pay for event app development only once and can re-use it multiple times. This will significantly bring your per-event cost down. Our Grupio Multi-Event is a customized app, perfect for conducting multiple large gatherings.

To get a robust event app, approach us! We, at Grupio, provide the best product suitable for your event needs. Our management apps help you simplify your planning process and let you focus on other core areas. If you’re planning to host your next event online, use our Virtual Meeting Platform, which is LIVE now! It’s an all-in-one, feature-filled platform, perfect for any conference or company event.

You can pick any of our products viz Grupio Custom, Grupio Express, and Grupio Multi-event, considering your event’s unique needs. If you’ve any question(s) or want to know more about our products, feel free to contact us at 866-374-0354 or email at