Benefits of Using a Mobile Event App

Photo Credit: Robert Scoble via Wikimedia Commons

Meeting apps are rapidly taking over the event industry – they are ubiquitous productivity tools that help to drive connectivity and engagement with your attendees. If you are a Meeting Planner or Conference Organizer here are some tips and insight for using Meeting Apps.

Generate Residual Income

Enhance the event for your sponsors and give yourself more “digital real estate” by offering sponsorships and other discount offers via the meeting app.

Get Instant Feedback through Surveys

Most mobile event apps have built in survey functionality enabling you to poll attendees easily and quickly both during and after the event.

Communicate Information Dynamically to Attendees

Meeting Apps let you update your attendees just about in real time during your event – instantly connect and communicate and no worries about email connectivity issues for/with your attendees.

Extend Your Brand

Meeting Apps provide a great way to brand your event by customizing your meeting app with corporate colors, logo, email contacts, social connections and links to forms.

Go Green

conference App affords more productivity for your business, it’s all digital, saving time and money on “old school” registration forms requiring data entry and helping to make your organizations event more green by reducing your carbon footprint.

Stay Connected with Attendees

Mobile event Apps are design to incorporate Twitter streams, especially if you are using hashtags for your event – and you can monitor what’s being said in real time other social networks as well.

Guide Attendees in the Right Direction

Most meeting apps have built in maps, the ability to customize your information; i.e. places of interest, things to do during the event, local landmarks and places of interest.

Build Stronger Relationships with Attendees

Your attendees are mobile ready in today’s always on digital economy. Meeting Apps ensure they are in tune with your event and connected on a 24/7 basis.

Meeting Apps Drive Competitive Advantage

Are your direct competitors using mobile apps? If the answer is no, then mobile app integration with your business model will definitely drive competitive advantage and help to distinguish your brand with your attendees.

Using a white label event app can help you monetize all your event and conference needs. With Grupio you can get an affordable event app and maximize your efficiency from planning to promotion.

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Event Planner

Photo Credit: Sheraton Shanghai Waigaoqiao Hotel via Trip Advisor

We should say at the outset of this blog post we are biased, as we make mobile event apps for professionals. If you are thinking about hiring an event professional here are the top reasons we think you should! We should underscore, an event professional will save you time and money, even when you factor in their fee structure.

Significant savngs on Hotel and facilite costs

Event Planners are working with facilities, hotels and venues constantly. They are well connected, have a good sense for fair marketing pricing on rooms and entertainment. They can probably negotiate a better deal than you could and still save you money in total when factoring in their fees. They mostly use

One should use blocks of rooms for events and book them through the professional event planner. The hotel may be willing to negotiate this fee, assuming it’s a purchase of a large block of rooms.

Event Professionals Have Stellar Negotiating Skills

A professional event planner has an in-depth understanding of what the cost should be for a venue at a specific time of the years, what’s a good to great deal and will know how competitive the overall market is for your event. Also, a savvy professional event planner is gong to negotiate for and get complimentary services that will add tangible value to your event and may also know about hotel or venue upgrades and/or special promotions the venue is offering.

Event Professionals Can Negotiate Multiple Deals at Once

This gives them buying power that you would not have for a single event; they may also be able to bundle special promotions offered by your venue or hotel in unique ways that will save you money and improve the overall quality of your event. They can even use there own event app to help you promote your event at low cost.

In-place Relationships with Vendors

An event professional has her or his fingers on the pulse of a local or national economy. If local, they have a read list of entertainers, speakers, specialty acts and/or others to call to help to make your event one of a kind. And, they know about some of the pitfalls when hiring other vendors and what’s reasonable: fees, services and time and how to negotiate all.

Save Time and Reduces Stress

“The devil is in the details” – an event planner has a thorough understanding of requirement details. They can guide of your event and  tell what’s fair and reasonable in terms of fees, delivery dates, reasonable expectations for performance, etc. Of equal importance, most professional event planners will save you time getting. They use event planning app to put your event together. They will also have a contingency plan in place if you have any weather issues or problems with a venue or vendor.