How to Set Right Budget for Your Next Event with Event App?

Budgeting for any event is a forecast of what expenses will be incurred and what profits will be earned based on the planning made and information collected. In event management preparation of the budget is the most crucial thing. These days event apps have made the entire process even easier. Directors of event use these apps to predict the future accuracy of events by making data analysis from past events. Comparisons of revenues and expenditures made in the past, the number of attendees, engagement of attendees, the number of old attendees , quality of content etc are some of the features based on which one can set the right budget for the upcoming event.

set right budget for event management
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This is how one can set budget of next event with an app:

  • Realistic Calculations

It is important to make right speculations to set the optimum budget and avoid misuse. Whether there will be 20 or 100 delegates in a particular event can be best judged from track records. If one is used to using a conference app then the last most event’s data or a series of data or numerous events held in the part can create an ideal prediction.

  • Type of Event

Based on the type of an event its cost vary. So, one must be clear what is the type of an event when one sits on planning the budget. Whether the event is based on invitation, charged, driven by sponsors or is it a combo of all of these will change numerical of your budget.

  • Venue

Last minute booking of venues always burn a hole in the pocket. Hence, planning and booking for the venue must be done right at the first stages of event planning. Records from your event up must give you the details of the success or failure of the last event venue. Based on the old experiences one must set what budget to keep aside for the venue.

  • Revenue Plan

For events which are paid must have a price point. The decision must be taken as in what will be the price point. Comparing competitive events will give one a good idea about what the attendees are used to paying. Based on this one must decide either to keep the charge higher, at a lower rate or at a similar count. Use your revenue plan to cover up your event app cost and to make your event more engaging.

  • Costs – Fixed and Variable

One must make a calculation about the different kind of costs involved. For a fixed attendee size there is a fixed cost associated but the same cost will increase if there are more audience. Hence, while setting the budget for the upcoming event this point must be covered.

  • Agreements and Contracts

Generally event venues have some agreements where one might have to submit a deposit amount. It is crucial to know this amount since it will also be calculated in the budget. A mobile event app can help you manage all aspects of event planning.

  • Contingencies

Generally a 10% risk is associated with every financial activity on this planet. Hence, the risk of loss must also be calculated.

Hence, it is the right tool that can help you earn profits with minimal loss. An Event App with adequate budgeting tools and software can further ease the entire process.

A Step-by-Step Conference Planning Checklist for Success

It is only when people visiting a Conference finds is interesting enough they make up their minds to visit the next one for the brand as well. A successful Conference by a brand helps develop good supportive feelings for the brand which also signifies a successful sale. However, it is a difficult task to satisfy every attendee as each one of them has different expectations and preferences. What someone considers being “wow” can be “dah” for another. The real challenge is to design an Conference in such a way that it spreads an overall positive feel in the ambiance.

event app

10 Things to Consider Before Planning the Next Conference:

1. Make an Conference App

The mobile conference app today seems to be the smartest and most foolproof way to ensure the success of an Conference. The logic behind this statement is that an Conference app gives one complete control over the Conference. And total control means one has all the data one needs to analyze the success or failure of the present Conference.

2. Conference planning for confort

Studies say that networking in a Conference in between fellow attendees is a growing trend and preferred choice witnessed all over the globe. The best way to connect all attendees is with the help of an app. Basically using social networking sites like Facebook or Linkedin the Conference can connect all the attendees and turn the entire atmosphere extremely comfortable.

3. Empower the Attendees

A conference or an event usually has many programs scheduled from beforehand. Depending on the timing preference of the attendees he or she will make a choice. The mobile event app of the Conference will help them pick their choice. Also, these sessions can be saved which makes sure they never miss a special Conference or a special spokesperson.

4. Keep the Attendees Up-to-Date

The attendees are entitled to know all the information related to the Conference. The app can have scheduled for the Conference, location, maps, lunch timings, the list of speakers, speaker bio and a lot more information. A last minute change can be updated real fast and all attendees will get the new information.

5. Track the Engagement Levels

An app provides very important data which helps to plan the next Conference. Suppose the event planning app shows majority preference for a particular type of Conference then it signifies there is a demand for the respective subject. So, one can smartly include it in the upcoming conference as a strategy to call interested like minded attendees together.

6. One Source of Information

People hate to spend time searching. The best event app is design to directly provide all relevant information to the attendee through notifications. Makes search timeless and erases struggle efforts.

7. Connecting Minds

A Conference is successful only when the people attending it appreciate it. For this, it’s extremely important to gather like minded attendees through powerful networking and social media. This also acts as a promotion where people spread the word.

8. Access with conference planning

Over 15 million people residing in countries like Australia owns smartphones. So, the access to technology and latest innovations is extremely high. A conference app is the perfect opportunity for an Conference to present their details to such huge user base.

9. Help Others

The world works on networking. So, as a successful Conference planner having used the power of technological innovations like Conference apps it is a responsibility to educated others. Such technical adoption helps other Conference planners plan their next Conference on your lines.

10. Efficient Management

A Conference app records every data related to an Conference. This helps to analyze how much resource has been used and what is wasted. This, in turn, helps to plan the next conference even more smartly.

The time is right to be involved in technology. Whether it be Conference planning or business the next best thing is to create a vast ambiance of people to attend and appreciate the message conveyed in the Conference.

If you are interested to learn more about how technology is fast transforming the events landscape then read this post & also try Grupio, mobile event app to manage attendees, speaker & sessions.

How to Have Sustainable Event Management?

Also commonly known as event greening, sustainable event management is basically the technique used to promote an event whose subject matter relates to social, environmental, and economic issues and concerns. The main motive of this kind of an event is to make sure that all decisions made and steps were taken in the campaign hosted is sustainable. The entire event is planned, organized and executed in a very cohesive environment where event greening is the main theme. It involves everyone related to the event be aware, conscious and implement the idea of a green event in the present event being hosted. For various event planners use event planning app, to better coordinate the sustainable event has different meanings.

event management
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The various breakdowns of sustainable event management is given as follows:-

  • Waste is minimized as pollution is less. The required resources for executing the entire green event are much less.
  • Local suppliers are used who are reliable. These are the suppliers who work keeping “green” as their work theme. Such events give the society and the community a positive impact.
  • These events encourage other planners and other event management companies to adapt to the sustainable management method of work.

For sustainable event management undergo these steps:-

  • Monitor and Evaluate – Every event conceptualized in the lines of the green theme must be monitored for growth. Firstly one must have an in-depth plan of action using the conference app. This will help understand whether all information needed has been gathered. These are information and data related to pre-execution of the event, during the event and post-event. For example, one such data needed is the predicted amount of water needed in the event, how much water has been used and whether green event saved resources and by what quantity? These evaluations will aid in making the next green event even more eco-friendly.
  • Large Events – As far as large events are concerned, one have to make an independent report which is in compliance with the GRI or the Global Reporting Initiative. The GRI offers guidelines for organizations, sets out the principles, discloses the approaches to be followed and indicates the proposed performance parameters keeping social, economic and environmental issues in mind.
  • Steps to be Covered:
    a) Selection of the site where event will be held.
    b) What mode of transportation will be needed by the attendees?
    c) Hire the workforce behind the event
    d) Evaluate the impact of the event on the nature,community and economy on a local and global scale.
    e) Forthcoming legacies that will be created
    f) How much is the event accessible by people?Use your event app to make sure your whole team knows the intent of the event.
  • Green decisions – From the point of view of event planners, certain decisions can further promote sustainable event management. For example, if bottled water usage is stopped in all events for around a year, then it will impact positively on the total number of bottled water consumption in the locality annually. This power lies in the hands of the event planner. If carefully planned, one can change save the resources used in an event in a much more economical manner.
  • Save paper – It is not always needed to use paper and make promotions of the forthcoming event. Online booking and digital services are accessible to all today and this can save one a lot of paper.

So, if one is involved in the event industry one must make no delay or haste in adapting to such kind of green events. This thought applies to all kind of events. One can not only make an event sustainable but also successful.

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The Evolution of Event Marketing

Marketing an event requires time and a little premeditation. Getting the word out about an event beforehand is crucial to the success of the event so you want to make sure you are devoting ample time and resources into marketing. So what are the best ways to market an event?
The evolution of event marketing

Expectations and Challenges

Event marketing has evolved over the past few years in huge ways. New technology has evolved the position of the customer, consumer or buyer; marketing is now focused on building their relationship with a company or brand. Audiences have higher expectations than previously held and are interested in being more engaged and gaining a real personal value from events.

Event planners and marketers are now challenged with proving that events are valuable by offering customers a greater return on their investment. As more technological advances are made, they must be embraced by organizations in order to optimize customer experience before during and after events. Mobile technologies and social media continue to offer ever increasing ways to provide value to event attendees; these technologies extend the life-cycle of an event and enables marketing to be more frequent and more engaging.

Increase Engagement through Technology

Here are a few ways that mobile event apps can help increase the effectiveness of event marketing:
• Streamline and Expedite Online Registration
• Increase Engagement on Organization Websites and Social Media
• Collect Valuable Attendee Demographic Data
• Publish Immediate Event Updates
• Extension of Organizational Branding
• Increases Networking Ability through Messages, QR code scanning, etc.

Not only is mobile technology a great way to reach audience members before and after an event, organizations are now encouraging audiences to use their mobile phones and tablets during events in order to stay connected to other attendees as well as to the organization. Mobile apps can keep attendees up to date with last minute scheduling changes during the event and they allow users to stay organized and make the most of their limited time at the event.

Integrated event campaigns that use as many communication channels as possible via a custom event app are the very best at engaging an audience and pulling off a successful modern event. Today’s event attendees are tech savvy and expect the same from the events they attend. The future of event marketing looks bright as technologies, particularly in the mobile arena, continue to advance thereby increasing an organization’s ability to communicate and engage with its target audience.

Another great advantage of integrating a technology that can measure your events Return on Event (ROE). It has been found that only 23% of the survey respondents are able to track event ROI vs. 37% of tech adopters. Revenue reporting is important for measuring every event program’s growth. It has also been found that organizers who are able to track their event ROI can closely define their future event budgets.

Planners are integrating their event technology to enable full-funnel measurement and real-time action. It has been reported that 51% of the adopters have found success by integrating technology in there event management. And non-adopters only stick to the top-funnel metrics as they do not have the access to directly connect to their sales pipeline.

Other benefit includes personalization. The Best event app allows companies to capture the data of the audience from their session interests to their food preferences. This allows in creating personalized experience throughout the event lifecycle.
With the data, companies can automate better post-event follow-ups and personalize their outreach based on guest data, which is integral to enhance sales cycles and get better customer engagement.
B2B companies are more apt to integrate event technology as they are looking for more valuable touchpoints, which will improve their sales cycles, and personalize the experience of their clients.

One of the most important reasons to integrate the conference apps or event app can help in is lead generation. As said by Andrea Vahl, co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies, “In these days of social media, face-to-face content can really enhance your online connection with your potential customers. Make sure you are using the Twitter hashtags regularly and watch the social media marketing that happens for the event on Facebook so you can comment on the posts and gain visibility with other attendees before the event.”

And the best way to do so is by correctly targeting the demographics. The right event audience is the one that has an interest in what the event has to offer throughout the sessions.

Upselling! What upselling at an event? Is this possible?
Well, yes.

You can easily upsell by introducing your customers with the products and services that they may not know about or may not realize that could address their needs. It is very easy fo the audience to fall back at the same kind of vent every time. Thinking out of the box can inspire and connect your with your new and existing audience in a refreshing way, which will in turn will increase the chances of attracting new attendees.

But before you setup the event application, it is important that you keep these things in mind.

Build a model up-front to understand the sensitivities of your event ROI based on various metrics.

Keep brainstorming session with your team to come up with unique, viable, and strong ideas.

Identify multiple touches in your promotion. ( In order To generate the highest amount of registrants, you need a mix of email, social, public relations, and other types of paid promotions.)

Events occur in real-time, and attendees often use social networks to engage with other participants in a live environment, so do not forget to include social media channels.
To make sure your event app development cost is justified, follow-up with attendees after the event and take feedback.

Looking for specific ways to use an event app during your next event? Check out our previous post on using event apps for more details.

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5 Useful Event Marketing Blogs to Follow

Do you struggle to stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies in event marketing and planning?

Keeping up with the latest news, discussions, and products is essential in the event industry. Following event app blogs will give you the immediate information that printed materials lack. Online articles will appear within hours of an important discussion or occurrence and keep you ahead of the game but knowing which resources are the best will save you time so you don’t have to search through a sea of information to find the gems.

Event Manager Blog

This blog is the resource for all things events; from event technology to social media, they have all the bases covered. There are resources for wedding planning, event management and party planning, but their true area of special interest lies in innovation and is widely referenced by other event planners. As one of the leading blog for planners it is a great source of information to get the best event app features.


Techsytalk offers a slightly unique perspective on event planning with a focus on social media and the tech savvy side with event planning. It offers tips and new on social media techniques for event planners and corporate event planning, as well as info on the latest conference app and technologies available. Whether you’re tech savvy or not staying on top of these trends is a must and the articles are quick, easy reads that are very shareable.


BizBash provides quality facts on everything from venue selection and marketing tips to party planning ideas. They offer an abundance of creative ideas you can use at your next conference while keeping you up on what’s trendy in the event world. This site is a go-to resource for the latest event planning industry news.

The Meeting Pool

Started by two veteran event planners who are curating great content from highly relevant and topical sources as well providing the latest on new event planning app, social media trends, event technology and everything else an event professional may need.

Velvet Chainsaw’s Midcourse Corrections

The information here is very useful, easy to read and engaging. Their focus is on conference planning and event education techniques. There is a wealth of strong, well researched information here and they have recently ventured beyond their scope to include topics on social media, speaker practices and general industry news.

These event blogs are chock full of goodies to help both organizers and attendees get the best out of their event planning app and event going experiences but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

What mobile event app marketing and planing blogs would you add to this list?

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Event Planner

Photo Credit: Sheraton Shanghai Waigaoqiao Hotel via Trip Advisor

We should say at the outset of this blog post we are biased as we make mobile event apps for professionals. If you are thinking about hiring a professional event planner, here are the top reasons we think you should! We should underscore that an event professional will save you time and money, even when you factor in their fee structure.

Significant Savings on Hotel and Facility Costs

Event Planners are working with facilities, hotels, and venues constantly. They are well connected and have a good sense of fair marketing pricing on rooms and entertainment. They can probably negotiate a better deal than you could and still save you money in total when factoring in their fees.

One should use blocks of rooms for events and book them through a professional event planner. The hotel may be willing to negotiate this fee, assuming it’s a purchase of a large block of rooms.

Event Professionals Have Stellar Negotiating Skills

A professional event planner has an in-depth understanding of what the cost should be for a venue at a specific time of the year, what’s a good and a great deal, and will know how competitive the overall market is for your event. Also, a savvy professional event planner is going to negotiate for and get complimentary services that will add tangible value to your event and may also know about hotel or venue upgrades and/or special promotions the venue is offering.

Event Professionals Can Negotiate Multiple Deals at Once

This gives them buying power that you would not have for a single event; they may also be able to bundle special promotions offered by your venue or hotel in unique ways that will save you money and improve the overall quality of your event. They can even use their own event app to help you promote your event at a low cost.

In-place Relationships with Vendors

An event professional has their fingers on the pulse of a local or national economy. If local, they have a read list of entertainers, speakers, specialty acts, and others to call to help make your event one of a kind. They know about some of the pitfalls when hiring other vendors and what’s reasonable: fees, services, and time and how to negotiate all.

Save Time and Reduce Stress

“The devil is in the details” – an event planner has a thorough understanding of requirement details. They can guide your event and tell you what’s fair and reasonable in terms of fees, delivery dates, reasonable expectations for performance, etc. Of equal importance, most professional event planners will save you time getting. They use an event planning app to put your event together. They will also have a contingency plan in place if you have any weather issues or problems with a venue or vendor.


What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Event Planner?

Event planners bring a wide range of benefits, including their expertise, creativity, and industry connections. They can save you time and stress, ensure a smooth and memorable event, and often help you stay within your budget.

What Are the Main Reasons a Client Will Hire an Event Planner?

Clients hire event planners for various reasons, such as lack of time or experience, the desire for a professionally executed event, and access to a network of suppliers. They also seek help in managing logistics, creating unique themes, and handling any unexpected issues that may arise during the event.

What Is the Purpose of an Event Planner?

The primary purpose of an event planner is to design, organize, and execute events that meet a client’s specific goals and requirements. This can range from weddings and corporate conferences to private parties and trade shows. Event planners take care of every detail to ensure the event runs smoothly and successfully.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Hiring an Event Planner?


  • Professional expertise and industry knowledge.
  • Time and stress savings.
  • Access to a network of vendors and suppliers.
  • Creativity in event design and theme development.
  • Budget management and cost-saving opportunities.
  • Effective problem-solving during the event.


  • Added cost for their services.
  • Potential differences in creative vision.
  • Loss of some control over the planning process.
  • The need to communicate your preferences clearly.

Why Hire an Event Planner?

Hiring an event planner can make your event exceptional by ensuring it’s well-organized, on-budget, and perfectly tailored to your vision. Event planners bring professionalism, creative solutions, and peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy your event without worrying about the details.

When Should You Hire an Event Planner?

The ideal time to hire an event planner depends on the complexity of your event. For larger, more elaborate events like weddings and conferences, it’s advisable to hire a planner at least 8-12 months in advance. Smaller events may require 4-6 months of lead time. However, if you have a last-minute event, experienced event planners can often step in and help, even with limited time. It’s best to consult with a planner to determine the optimal timeline for your specific event.