The Role of Event Apps in Facilitating Connections Between Speakers and Attendees

Technology is omnipresent in the contemporary scenario, and mobile phones today are enticing us and distracting us from whatever else is going on or happening around us. We constantly use Smartphone apps to foster our event experiences for the rest of our digital lives. Today, every event organizer wants a flawless event without any hindrances. Now that the organizers are habitually obsessing over increasing audience engagement and promoting interaction at their events between the speaker and the attendees, there are these mobile event apps that have evolved to reconcile the rift between both the parties, and this is how they are bridging the gap between both of them.

bridge between speakers & attendees

Economically Advantageous

Apps are such tools that they don’t need to be printed, arranged or piled up altogether. By using a properly designed event app, the first and foremost thing you can do is you can run some engaging and synergistic content on it and share it with the users. If the event app is promoted properly by using these methods, the app itself can become a robust tool.

Provides Information Instantaneously

Event apps can let you interact and provide ample information to the attendees expeditiously. Every speaker expects maximum attention from the users, and for this purpose, links to the app must be included in all digital communications. The event planning app lets you facilitate all the necessary information by sending regular emails to the attendees and repeated links to your social media platforms, along with providing some special discounts.

Helps in Proper Organization

An event app is certainly a supreme way to link the attendees to the speakers. There are multifarious social network sites that provide the link with the event app, and, with the help of which app, the presence of the members can be figured out. It helps in being organized in the sense that one can keep track of any upcoming social events and meetings with some potential suppliers, assuring their presence.

Helps Attendees Customize Their Schedules

The event organizer app helps to customize the schedules of the attendees as it can enable them to pick and choose their sessions. Schedules can be saved directly on the app, and they need not worry about missing their treasured speakers. This enables attendees to have control over their day.

Helps Audience Articulate Their Opinions

A conference app can certainly increase the attendee’s engagement as it helps them to raise their voice on some crucial issues and also give feedback. This can be done through features like live surveys, polling, etc., which are provided in the app, ensuring a perpetual interaction between the attendees and the speakers.

Benefits of Using a Mobile Event App

Meeting apps are rapidly taking over the event industry – they are ubiquitous productivity tools that help to drive connectivity and engagement with your attendees. If you are a Meeting Planner or Conference Organizer, here are some tips and insights for using Meeting Apps.

Generate Residual Income

Enhance the event for your sponsors and give yourself more “digital real estate” by offering sponsorships and other discount offers via the meeting app.

Get Instant Feedback through Surveys

Most mobile event apps have built-in survey functionality, enabling you to poll attendees easily and quickly both during and after the event.

Communicate Information Dynamically to Attendees

Meeting Apps let you update your attendees just about in real-time during your event – instantly connect and communicate, and no worries about email connectivity issues for/with your attendees.

Extend Your Brand

Meeting Apps provide a great way to brand your event by customizing your meeting app with corporate colors, logos, email contacts, social connections, and links to forms.

Go Green

Conference App affords more productivity for your business; it’s all digital, saving time and money on “old school” registration forms requiring data entry and helping to make your organization’s event greener by reducing your carbon footprint.

Stay Connected with Attendees

Mobile event Apps are designed to incorporate Twitter streams, especially if you are using hashtags for your event – and you can monitor what’s being said in real time on other social networks as well.

Guide Attendees in the Right Direction

Most meeting apps have built-in maps, the ability to customize your information, i.e., places of interest, things to do during the event, local landmarks, and places of interest.

Build Stronger Relationships with Attendees

Your attendees are mobile-ready in today’s always-on digital economy. Meeting Apps ensure they are in tune with your event and connected on a 24/7 basis.

Meeting Apps Drive Competitive Advantage

Are your direct competitors using mobile apps? If the answer is no, then mobile app integration with your business model will drive competitive advantage and help to distinguish your brand from your attendees.

Using a white-label event app can help you monetize all your event and conference needs. With Grupio, you can get an affordable event app and maximize your efficiency from planning to promotion.

The Bottom Line

Every event organizer aims for an impeccable event, and with the advent of mobile event app, the perspective of organizations toward managing events have changed considerably. Event App helps to let you organize and communicate with the attendees of the events easily and effortlessly. This can help any organization to reach new heights, thereby ensuring favorable results and accomplishing success.