Leveraging Customer Feedback for Business Events!


Customer feedback carries utmost importance in this arena. Businesses organize different events to learn what customer wants and their expectations from them. But, many of the events get failed due to the unavailability of quality survey tools such as Physical feedback forms or e-forms. Therefore, it is essential for companies to consider some robust solution to leverage customer feedback for their events to make it a success.

Here, we are going to highlight various stages when businesses need customer feedback. To leverage customer feedback during, before and after the event, a corporate event app can prove to be a boon for attendees engagements. Let’s explore various rules for event survey.

  • First Rule – Have Questions With Audience What They Expect Before This Event

When you are planning any event, it is vital to give value to various expectations of the participants. This will help you to present a content of their interest. Usually, most of the event organizers concentrate on their own message rather focusing the need and requirements of the audience. This kind of assumption often brings an event to a stage where it is called “near miss event” besides “a clear hit”. With such event, you won’t facilitate your attendees to come over in future events. So, it is advisable for coordinators to first ask for the audience about their want and then, focus on delivering it.

For this purpose, the ideal way to get thoughts of attendees is to conduct pre-event survey. Use your event planning app, try to research on the needs of your audience and what appeals them. This survey before the event would help you to determine expectations of your attendees and thus, you can plan your event accordingly. For event survey, you may plan few questions like:

    • Preferable time for event – morning, evening or afternoon.
    • Do you want to have a list of confirmed attendees before the date of the event?
    • How far can you travel for this event?
    • Various topics, you are interested in?
    • List out few speakers who you want to see and hear on upcoming events.
  • Second Rule – Audience Engagement During the Event

After organizing giveaways and turning a professional event into a gaming program, it is usually difficult for companies to make audience engaged once the event is proceeding and they get flooded with information or updates relating to your business. At this point, you need to push audience participation by inspiring and growing up their interest into your event.

A boring event is always subjected to be criticized by the attendees. Therefore, it is necessary to think something interesting so that you can add fun and bring audience interest to the event.

For this purpose, you can go for a small survey or a quick audience poll during the event. For survey or poll, you need survey tools like a kiosk or an event App. In this survey, you can enquire about if your audience is enjoying the event or have they faced any issue relating to the topic of the event. This encourages conversation between your company and audience, especially at times when the result of the survey is controversial or unexpected.
Do not forget to share the poll results immediately before further keynote presentation takes place. After getting results, attendees would engage further in your event as their contributing thoughts are involved in it. Use the best event app features to keep your attendees engaged.

  • Third Rule – Post Event Audience Feedback

The feedback from the event audience is one of the most critical steps that helps to assess the ins and outs of an event accurately. Therefore, conduct post event survey  through you conference app for attendee’s feedback on your event, speaker and content. The questions for post-event audience feedback can be as below.

    • From where had, you heard about our event?
    • Rating for event venue
    • Rating on event content
    • Give valuable suggestion or any feedback about this event
    • Rate the performance quality of the speaker
  • Would you like to be a part of our upcoming events?

So, these are few rules for a successful event. The role of audience engagement is great in any event, however, with mobile event app you can, so if you are in search for one then Grupio can help you for this concern.

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