Event Apps – Giving Event Organizers A Competitive Edge

Event planning can be stressful. While you’re wading through endless checklists and last- minute mishaps, it can be hard to make sure you’re on track. Your event app can surely help in making the event successful in a great way.

Following are some of the reasons to get an Event app:

  • Improves overall productivity
  • Creates market buzz
  • Makes the company smarter and well organized
  • Drives connectivity after the event
  • Strengthens the use of technology

How To Get the Most Out of Your Event App:

  • Promote Your Mobile Event App to your audience: The most important, proven factor leading to your success will be how well you promote the service to your audience. Most of them will be new to this service, and no surprise, people need time to learn new things. Make sure they know about the service.
  • Send out welcome emails at the right time: As an event organizer, you control when welcome emails are sent, so make sure they end up in your user’s inboxes when they are most likely to pay attention to their emails. Just like an effective email marketing campaign, it’s best to send welcome emails during normal business hours between Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • If you have initial exhibitors and sponsors, launch your event planning app for them before launching for attendees: Your exhibitors and sponsors need time to prepare their company profiles before attendees come to the application, so schedule a launch for your exhibitors and sponsors first.
  • Benefit Your Sponsors with Your Event App: Event app is a great medium to promote your event. Further, it can help to improve the chances of visibility of your sponsors. It is also a great way to impress your sponsors and increase the chances for sponsorship for your event. 

How To Make Your Event Successful:

  • Make it special! Using your event app Create fun campaigns like contests, free giveaways, and lucky draws to improve user’s engagement.
  • Let participants personalize their event experience: Event apps can make it easy for attendees to filter through available sessions, picking the ones most relevant to their interests. This means that participants can tune out the “noise,” and personalize their own event experience.
  • Networking opportunities can be built into a conference app, too. In the same way that attendees can select sessions they want to attend, they can take note of people they want to meet, and build their own personalized networking program.
  • Note-taking is another useful event app feature, for users who want to take notes on the go.
  • In-app messaging among delegates, exhibitors, and speakers allows people to send messages, facilitates matchmaking and networking, and helps people stay connected throughout the event.
  • Real-time notifications can help event planners update participants on the go, without the hassle of trying to fit new information into the print program. If last-minute changes arise, the planners can notify people via the app right away.
  • Event apps can be useful after your event ends, as well. You can use attendee feedback and surveys to gauge which sessions or speakers were most popular, and you can assess the distribution of interest across your event program. Were 8:00 a.m. sessions attended better than 3:00 p.m. ones? This information can help guide program development for next year’s event.

Getting the best event app is a way to ensure that all event information is provided clearly in one place; it means participants spend less time searching for information, and more time networking and learning. Ultimately, the app contributes to your attendee’s experience so they get the most out of your event. As an event organizer you can focus in the right direction and you will surely hit the target!