The Value of Trade Show Mobile Apps

Trades show app Grupio

The singular focus for most trade shows is to help company’s highlight their products and services. Trade show app can help drive deeper brand engagement for sponsors and exhibitors . The advent of Smartphones has ushered in a new digital age for trade shows. The attendees are already using 30-50 apps on average. And a trade show app is in most cases is a utilitarian tool.

Trade show apps build connectivity and engagement

The apps for tradeshow are electronic and efficient. They enables you to keep track of important metrics that are within application.

Instantaneous Audience Polling and Surveys after the trade show

Old school paper surveys are  not going to cut it in today’s connected attendees. They don’t have time to fill out forms. Trade show apps are much more efficient. They enables you to do quick polls of your attendees. It can be done during and immediately after an event to generate critical feedback. The conference app used for tradeshow coordination is a great way to collect and analyse data.

Create effective sponsors opportunity with trade show app

Grupio trade show app offers your sponsors digital visibility. You may offer a wide  a range of highly visible promotional options within your trade show app. From full screen ads to banner slides ads with search based activation; your sponsors can boost their brand visibility event. With our event organizer app you can update the ads and placement on the go.

Create an Immersive Experience for Attendees

Trade show apps enable your attendees to connect with your organization. It let you associate events during registration process and stay connected during the event. If your marketing outreach is done properly, attendees will want to use a trade show app. Hence,it imparts more efficiency to their participation in your event. You can help them in all the associated benefits for instance facility overview, maps, points of interest and sponsorship promotions.

Dynamic Digital Guides in Trade show app

These can be easily updated before, during and after your event. This truly offers an immersive experience for your attendees. Therefore, if the app is optimized properly it offers your brand the ability to be creative. Also, you can highlight your conference or trade show using integrated functionality.

Moreover, giving a digital walkthrough of the highlights is a great way to generate curiosity in attendees. Furthermore, make sure you have a member of your staff monitoring this hashtag at all times . Also, by showing positions of the booths, display screens, check-in counter, main stage, etc brings a lively image of a promising trade show. Thus, the mobile event app is the best way to generate curiosity and keep attendees engaged.

Maps Improve Floor Navigation

Providing attendees with an overview of the trade show . Additionally, you can also tie sponsorship opportunities . You can use interactive maps by tying specific activities. Thus, these can be time-stamped, with pop up coupons providing attendees with incentive opportunities. Your tradeshow event planning app  is a great way to keep these things coordinated.

Social Media Integration using trade show app

The vast majority of your attendees are using social media. Think of creative ways to engage them with an app to pique their curiosity. And to drive deeper engagement with your trade show. Therefore, remember you can use a trade show app for hashtag polling or feedback via Twitter.

Make sure your organization creates an event-specific hashtag for your event. In addition with this integrate it with your outbound marketing activities and for “real-time” attendee polling. Furthermore, make sure you have a member of your staff monitoring this hashtag at all times during your trade show.

Scalability and security end to end

Grupio apps have been used at thousand of events events with millions of attendees. Our app is coded with with all the data security needs of sophisticated enterprises. With our best in class hosting facility we ensure top performance. From ready ot use to custom code we offer the option to host your event app in any environment. We offer perfect running penetration and load testing.

Trade Show Apps are High Value and Low Cost

You’re paying much less for a trade show event app as an example than for a traditional press release or direct mail campaign. However, the great thing is you are not going to pay ongoing usage fees . Most of the traditional software applications; or, even maintenance for most trade show apps end up with a long term liability.

Above all with the Grupio multi-event app you can get on the app and you are good to go with multiple events with the same features.

Tradeshow App Use at Each Stage of the Show

Attendees can download the app anytime. They may download the white label event app before, during, or after the show and your app should provide relevant information to meet audience needs at each stage.

Stage 1 Downloading the app Before the Show

If attendee downloads the app before the show then you must include features that excite them to visit your booth

  • Add important information about your products and services
  • Integrate the company’s social media
  • Embed product or company videos along with whitepapers and case studies
  • Feature an in-app Banner Message on your default page for announcing about the specific trade show and providing a link to it from the message.

Stage 2 Downloading the app During the Show

  • You can provide and update a schedule for any conference sessions where you’re presenting
  • Invite attendees and interact via attendee messaging or use networking opportunities for events you are hosting.
  • Introduce a live trial-version into your app or demonstration
  • Organize contests and giveaways

 Stage 3 Downloading the app After the Show

  • Send a Push Notification thanking leads
  • Send Alerts for webinars, new blog posts, or press releases
  • Ask them to fill the feedback form in your event survey app

Trade shows are marketing investments for many organizations. As in, trade show your team and you can meet face-to-face with prospects, promote your brand, and share product information with your attendees.

In conclusion, the trade show apps are an everlasting tool for trade show organizers. As they do cater to a similar niche of events most of the time.

By using a multi-event app like Grupio, you can integrate every aspect of event planning and coordination. One can create new chapters of the trade shows and keep adding new features. It is the perfect way to make your attendees aware of your new product launch.

Thus, tradeshow apps help you both attract and retain the attendees.