Why gamification is important for events

Gamification is the concept of applying game-design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging. It has become a big trend in many industries today. The area is still new and the amount of gamified systems is constantly growing. What if there was a way to control the behavior of your attendees.  More specifically, being able to increase their engagement within your event.  The answer is simple, fun, and captivating…it’s Gamification!

By embracing gamification for conferences it creates a Win-Win scenario.  For event planners, it gives them peace of mind that all their hard work preparing for the best conference will be seen and engaged in by the attendees.  For attendees, gamification provides a value exchange for them.  Besides the points earned, climbing leaderboards and even winning prizes, attendees are provided value just by participating.  Attendees can participate in the game by networking with people they might not have met otherwise or taking a quiz they would never have thought to take.  Maybe it’s attending extra sessions or downloading assets to further their learning experience.  There are a lot of ways attendees benefit while participating in gamification.

Taking gamification to the next level:

Turn Attendees into Participants: Why would someone attend an event when they can participate in an experience? Creating a game-like environment takes participants beyond the traditional objectives of an event. Instead of simply shaking hands and trading cards, participants solve challenges and accomplish something, together. A unique experience none will soon forget.

Earn Points and Unlock Badges: Participants complete as many challenges as they can, unlocking badges and learning about your event along the way.

Challenges and Check-Ins: Design custom challenges and location check-ins to Excite, Educate and Connect attendees, sponsors and speakers.

Create an Educational Experience: Turn lectures into conversations and speakers into educators. Motivated to learn and encouraged to engage, participants contribute to the dialogue creating a truly memorable experience for all involved. With the ability to share educational material and connect over social media, the learning continues well after the event.

Generate Revenue Like Never Before:  With sponsors taking part in challenges, not only do they get brand recognition through the app, they get face-time with participants too. Driving foot traffic to booths has never been this easy – your sponsors will love you forever.

How Attendees Win: With an exciting and interactive game that motivates participants to work together and accomplish goals, the event won’t just be about passing out business cards. Games create a new and exciting challenge, and a truly unique event experience. As a result, lasting relationships are built, networks expanded, and industry knowledge great increased – all the traditional objectives of an event but with a new and exciting way of getting there.

How Sponsors and Exhibitors Win:  The beauty of Gamification is that everyone can get involved. With participants asking exhibitors questions and interacting with sponsors, product knowledge and brand recognition increases dramatically. If exhibitors don’t have a chance to say ‘thanks’ at the end of the event, it’s probably because they’re trying to manage all their new business.

How Event Organizers Win: With pleased participants, satisfied sponsors, and ecstatic exhibitors, you’re the hero that made this all happen. With Gamification, you create an experience participants will never forget. Nicely done!

Here are couple things to keep in mind when incorporating gamification for your event.

-Make sure your attendees know how to get points

-Make daily announcements of leaderboard rankings

Gamification can be executed in all sorts of ways to fit your event’s exact needs.  The options are nearly endless. No matter how you incorporate gamification into your event the important thing is that it will give attendees extra fun to have and the best part is that it is productive fun.  It’s a win for you as well.  By attendees participating in gamification it will increase ROI, ensure engagement between attendees, and increase involvement in your event. Now who doesn’t want that!?


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