10 Factors that affect the mobile event app development cost

Business is all about profits but we need to invest before we can reap the benefits. Entrepreneurs need to invest in mobile app development and the cost isn’t cheap. There isn’t a fixed recipe of finding out the cost for an android or iOS app. However, it requires cleaning the fundamental comprehension of the cost factors. Mobile event app development organizations utilize one equation for charging their customers. Continue reading “10 Factors that affect the mobile event app development cost”

15 Creative Promotion Ideas to Increase event engagement

Apart from making sure that everything is working smoothly during the event, increasing audience engagement is crucial to make it successful. In this digital world where every little thing can be accessed with the help of a single phone, face to face interactions and physical meetings and gestures are becoming a privilege for customers and businesses. Continue reading “15 Creative Promotion Ideas to Increase event engagement”

5 Ways your mobile event app can make everyone feel welcome at your event

While planning any event, usually we obsess over the things that we feel are important like logistics, registration, marketing etc. But the success of any event is measured by the engagement and comfort the attendees feel. Most of the time the organisers miss putting thoughts into making attendees feel comfortable. Instead of wanting to spice things up with interesting and unexpected events, we focus on the completion of the event without any complications. But Why is comfort so important to uplift the attendee experience? Continue reading “5 Ways your mobile event app can make everyone feel welcome at your event”

Apps for Event Planning – Consider the Best Event Planning App

best-event-planning-app-tips ‎When you are scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook, have you noticed ads related to events near your place? There are hundreds of events with different demographics and interests that are being held up daily. Event planning app has proven to be an engaging and powerful medium. They optimize the efforts of organizers to improve customer experience.

With the growing demand, there are many of event planning apps in the market, but what makes the best event apps stand out? To help you get a better idea about the event planning app development, we have compiled a list of points and features. Continue reading “Apps for Event Planning – Consider the Best Event Planning App”

Mobile Applications Giving Power to Control and Plan Events.

Mobile applications are ruling the world of events. There is a significant impact of adopting a mobile app in order to carry out a worthy-plan to organize a successful event. That is why it is important to approach an experienced agency offering the best platform to clients to have a corporate event app. Continue reading “Mobile Applications Giving Power to Control and Plan Events.”

The Future of Event is in Event Application

In recent decades, technology has played a major role in making “Only constant thing is Change” proverb true. Almost everything from our shopping to business platforms has shifted over the Internet. But one show business which hasn’t changed much is “Event Industry”. Einsteins of Event Industry don’t see many changes in this business in near future. Continue reading “The Future of Event is in Event Application”

How Event Apps Are Becoming A Bridge for Speakers and Attendees?

“WOW! The event was electrifying!”

This is the response which probably every speaker wants to hear from the attendees. Isn’t it?

Now is the time to Embrace your technology and be grateful towards it! By reading this statement one might get perplexed as to why this is being said? It is because technology is omnipresent in this contemporary scenario and mobile phones today are enticing us and distract us from whatever else is going or happening around us. We constantly use Smartphone apps to foster our event experiences to the rest of our digital lives.

bridge between speakers & attendees
Source: eyeondesign.aiga.org

Today, every event organizer wants a flawless event without any hindrances. Now that the organizers are habitually obsessing over increasing the audience engagement and promote interaction at their events between the speaker and the attendees, there is this mobile event app that has been evolved to reconcile the rift between both the parties and this is how they are bridging the gap between both of them.


Apps are such tools that they don’t need to be printed, arranged or piled up altogether. By using a properly designed event app, the first and foremost thing you can do is that you can run some engaging and synergistic content on it and share it with the users. If the event app is promoted properly by using these methods, the app itself can become a robust tool.


Event apps can let you interact and provide ample information to the attendees expeditiously. Every speaker wants expects maximum attention from the users and for this purpose, links of the app must be included in all the digital communications. Event planning app lets you facilitate all the necessary information by sending regular E-mails to the attendees, repeated links to your social media platforms along with providing some special discounts


An event app is certainly a supreme way to link the attendees to the speakers. There are multifarious social network sites which provide the link with the event app and by the help of which app presence of the members can be figured out. It helps in being organized in the sense, that one can keep a track of any upcoming social events, meetings with some potential suppliers assuring their presence.


The event organizer app helps to customize the schedules of the attendees as it can enable them to pick and choose their sessions. Schedules can be saved directly on the app and they need not worry about missing their treasured speakers. By this attendees can have a control on their own day.


A conference app can certainly increase the attendee’s engagement as it helps them to raise their voice on some crucial issues and also give feedback. This can be done through features like live survey, polling etc which are provided in the app ensuring a perpetual interaction among the attendees and the speakers.

The Bottom Line: Every event organizer aims for an impeccable event, and with the advent of mobile event app, the perspective of the organizations towards managing events have changed considerably. Event App helps to let you organize and communicate with the attendees of the events easily and effortlessly. This can help any organization to reach new heights thereby ensuring favorable results and accomplishing success.

How to Set Right Budget for Your Next Event with Event App?

Budgeting for any event is a forecast of what expenses will be incurred and what profits will be earned based on the planning made and information collected. In event management preparation of the budget is the most crucial thing. These days event apps have made the entire process even easier. Directors of event use these apps to predict the future accuracy of events by making data analysis from past events. Comparisons of revenues and expenditures made in the past, the number of attendees, engagement of attendees, the number of old attendees , quality of content etc are some of the features based on which one can set the right budget for the upcoming event.

set right budget for event management
Source: Amazonaws

This is how one can set budget of next event with an app:

  • Realistic Calculations

It is important to make right speculations to set the optimum budget and avoid misuse. Whether there will be 20 or 100 delegates in a particular event can be best judged from track records. If one is used to using a conference app then the last most event’s data or a series of data or numerous events held in the part can create an ideal prediction.

  • Type of Event

Based on the type of an event its cost vary. So, one must be clear what is the type of an event when one sits on planning the budget. Whether the event is based on invitation, charged, driven by sponsors or is it a combo of all of these will change numerical of your budget.

  • Venue

Last minute booking of venues always burn a hole in the pocket. Hence, planning and booking for the venue must be done right at the first stages of event planning. Records from your event up must give you the details of the success or failure of the last event venue. Based on the old experiences one must set what budget to keep aside for the venue.

  • Revenue Plan

For events which are paid must have a price point. The decision must be taken as in what will be the price point. Comparing competitive events will give one a good idea about what the attendees are used to paying. Based on this one must decide either to keep the charge higher, at a lower rate or at a similar count. Use your revenue plan to cover up your event app cost and to make your event more engaging.

  • Costs – Fixed and Variable

One must make a calculation about the different kind of costs involved. For a fixed attendee size there is a fixed cost associated but the same cost will increase if there are more audience. Hence, while setting the budget for the upcoming event this point must be covered.

  • Agreements and Contracts

Generally event venues have some agreements where one might have to submit a deposit amount. It is crucial to know this amount since it will also be calculated in the budget. A mobile event app can help you manage all aspects of event planning.

  • Contingencies

Generally a 10% risk is associated with every financial activity on this planet. Hence, the risk of loss must also be calculated.

Hence, it is the right tool that can help you earn profits with minimal loss. An Event App with adequate budgeting tools and software can further ease the entire process.

6 Effective Tips To Boost Event App Downloads

Events become successful when it is promoted well and prospective attendees are well versed with the happenings. To develop their interest and keep them engaged, event app is prolific. The strategic usage of technology can save time and resources.

boost event app downloads

Let’s get to know some ways to promote event app right before the beginning of the event.

1. Content Creation

Right when you conceive the event idea, begin by collecting the content. As which speaker is required to speak, what kind of content would be preferred, the location benefits to the audience, promotional or tutorial videos, about the company or firm or promoter, promotional video on sponsors, and most importantly about the core idea & purpose of the event. Along with content prep, get the promotional designs for website and conference app ready for further use.

2. Early Risers

30 days before the events are a great time to embark on. Put a link to event app on the website. I am always amazed at the speed of social media. There are 10 apps downloaded on my phone which keeps on informing about new apps that could interest me. That is possible for your app also, spend on standard channels that pay off for sure. Web banners on your app convey a direct and quick message.

3. Pictures

Videos are worth sharing: Pictures & Videos develop the interest of the reader. Text information seems tiresome to read all the time. Pictures of various sorts like backstage work, team fun or countdown can be shared. Tutorial videos get a good number of views. As the best event app platform Grupio has easy access to upload pictures and video in no time.

4. Emails/Push Notifications

Through Email or Push notification, you can actually notify about anything at any point in time. It is low cost and involves less manpower to do it. On the left side of the event planning app in Grupio, I found signs that guide you to send notification in just one click. It is so much simpler and quicker.

5. Planning for Next 10 Days

Until now, ten days went in the set-up process. 20 days to go and social media section needs more updates and promotion activities to be executed. The next 10 days should be concentrated on social promotion as in online PR to download the app, YouTube promotion for instructions, coaching staff to handle queries. Getting a custom event app is the key to stay on top of your event marketing strategy.

6. Last Minute Details

No one forgets but it is your foremost duty to remind them modestly. Adding some more details about the supporters, sponsors, patrons or whosoever is linked.

Transform your mobile event app into a 365-day “always-on” communication and relationship-building tool by giving your attendees reasons tocontinue using it.

While you are chalking down the blue-print of the next event, check out some of these technology-inspired solutions from Grupio to stimulate business growth and success.

Why gamification is important for events

event gamification - grupio

Gamification of the event app is the concept of applying game-design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging. It has become a big trend in many industries today. The area is still new and the amount of gamified systems is constantly growing. What if there was a way to control the behavior of your attendees. More specifically, being able to increase their engagement before or during your event. The answer is simple, fun, and captivating…it’s Gamification!

By embracing mobile event app gamification for conferences it creates a Win-Win scenario. For event planners, it gives them peace of mind that all their hard work preparing for the best conference will be seen and engaged in by the attendees. For attendees, gamification provides a value exchange for them. Besides the points earned, climbing leaderboards and even winning prizes, attendees are provided value just by participating. Attendees can participate in the game by networking with people they might not have met otherwise or taking a quiz they would never have thought to take. Maybe it’s attending extra sessions or downloading assets to further their learning experience. There are a lot of ways attendees benefit while participating in gamification.

Taking event gamification to the next level:

1. Turn Attendees into Participants:

Why would someone attend an event when they can participate in an experience? Creating a game-like environment takes participants beyond the traditional objectives of an event. Use the conference app in making the event interactive. Instead of simply shaking hands and trading cards, participants solve challenges and accomplish something, together. A unique experience with event app gamification is one that no one will forget.

2. Earn Points and Unlock Badges:

Participants complete as many challenges as they can, unlocking badges and learning about your event along the way.

3. Challenges and Check-Ins with event app gamification:

Design custom challenges and location check-ins to Excite, Educate and Connect attendees, sponsors and speakers.

4. Create an Educational Experience:

Turn lectures into conversations and speakers into educators using unversity apps. Motivated to learn and encouraged to engage, participants contribute to the dialogue creating a truly memorable experience for all involved. With the ability to share educational material and connect over social media, the learning continues well after the event.

5. Generate Revenue Like Never Before:

With sponsors taking part in challenges, not only do they get brand recognition through the app. They also get face-time with participants too. Driving foot traffic to booths has never been this easy – your sponsors will love you forever.

6. How Attendees Win:

With an exciting and interactive game that motivates participants to work together and accomplish goals, the event won’t just be about passing out business cards. Games create a new and exciting challenge, and a truly unique event experience. Use the event planning app for long lasting relationships building, expanding networks, and share industry knowledge – all the traditional objectives of an event but with a new and exciting way of getting there.

7. How Sponsors and Exhibitors Win:

The beauty of event app gamification is that everyone can get involved. With participants asking exhibitors questions and interacting with sponsors, product knowledge and brand recognition increases dramatically. If exhibitors don’t have a chance to say ‘thanks’ at the end of the event, it’s probably because they’re trying to manage all their new business.

8. How Event Organizers Win:

With pleased participants, satisfied sponsors, and ecstatic exhibitors, you’re the hero that made this all happen. With Gamification, you create an experience participants will never forget. Nicely done!

Why Event app Gamification Wins?

Games are addictive, as they serve the core emotional needs of a human. Using enhanced event app gamification you can boost event experience. When someone is playing a game, most of the time the user loses track of their time, it looks like, as if, they are immersed in a different reality. And that is what gamification creates. These include:

  • Increased productivity: When someone is playing a game they have a clear purpose and they try to achieve it. To achieve the goal, creates an ongoing feeling of constant;ly trying, hence increasing productivity.
  • Trust and cooperation: Games are an amazing way to network socially collaborate and interact.
  • Optimism: Whenever we play a game, we get a feeling of strong optimism because then we strive to win at every chance.
  • Engagement: Whenever a user is immersed in a game they feel part of something bigger than themselves. So, that is why event users have started inducing gamification in the event it, as a sweet treat to their event.

Things to include in a Gamification

  1. The game should be social enough to satisfy attendees’ willingness for recognition.
  2. There should be some rewards of any sort.
    The game should be challenging enough to create a sense of achievement.
  3. The game should create a friendly competition among the attendees.
  4. The organisers must clearly define the goals so that the attendees feel empowered.
  5. The game should serve a specific purpose that relates directly to the success of the event.

And, lastly the game should be delightful and must create a feeling of surprise in the attendees. Getting the best event app is the first point where attendees get the feel what they wll have ahead.

Some top tips to incorporate in event app gamification.

So, before you decide to incorporate a game element in your event consider the purpose of your event and the expectations of attendees simultaneously. Always remember that the guests that are attending your event or not here to win some token or sample reward.But are here to experience, learn, and network. Most of the times, you might find that the attendees do not care much about the incentives, but sometimes are swept up in competitiveness as well as they feel more connected to those around them.

So, it is important that you also consider some tangible incentives while incorporating games in your event.

  • Add a big leaderboard
  • Get shout outs at the event.
  • Give the chance to lead a team in a breakout session.

What to keep in mind when incorporating gamification for your event?

  • Make sure your attendees know how to get points
  • Make daily announcements of leaderboard rankings
  • What are the key business objectives of the event?
  • Defining the objectives and goals in tandem with the audience before designing the game.
  • Measuring how you can achieve objectives through your game and ultimately achieving your event goals.
  • Who all are your target audience?
  • Who else might be interested or want to be involved in the event or its goal?
  • What do you want to accomplish through the game of the event?
  • Is it a product launch?
  • Do you want to generate sales?
  • What is the timeline of the event?

Gamification is not easy but can lead you to develop a complex yet comprehensive strategy. This can drive leads and can achieve better success of your event. Think about what is appropriate and realistic for your event, your target audience, and your staff before designing your game. Make your game challenging and not that complex that the players won’t be able to solve it and lose their interest, make it achievable challenging to ensure participants gratification.

Gamification can be executed in all sorts of ways to fit your event’s exact needs. The options are nearly endless. No matter how you incorporate gamification into your event organizer app the important thing is that it will give attendees extra fun to have and the best part is that it is productive fun. It’s a win for you as well. By attendees participating in gamification it will increase ROI, ensure engagement between attendees, and increase involvement in your event app. Now who doesn’t want that!?