Everything You Need To Know About Event App

Every savvy Event Planner or Event Company is looking at using event apps to drive some competitive advantage for their organization. The industry has shifted its focus and emphasis to ensuring event attendees have access to and understand how to use event apps.

What is and How to Use Event Apps

An event app is typically a downloadable smartphone application or a web app that can be easily accessed via most popular smartphone browsers.

Event apps are wonderful productivity tools for smartphone enabled attendees when used properly – enabling attendees to stay in constant communication with your event with detailed (updateable) information about the agenda, speakers, sponsor profiles and comprehensive info about your venue.

One of the most frequent questions we get asked by clients here at Grupio is how to use an event app prior to and after an actual event. We are going to share perspective with you in this blog post about using event apps to drive attendee engagement and more!

Using an Event App Prior to Your Event

Another great thing about event apps is they are rapidly replacing the need for paper or print based information hand outs prior to the event and/or the constant need for your attendees to check your web site; or, even worse, rely on outdated printed materials created prior to the event. Saving your organization fixed marketing costs by replacing paper based with digital information.

Once attendees have downloaded your Event App you have a “digital relationship” in place with them, which will save your organization money moving forward – you have pre-populated information in the app (speakers, attendees, times and dates, maps, logistics, venue info, etc.) coupled with promotions and discounts and you have an established relationship with them via the app that can be easily updated prior to and during the actual “live” event.

Event App Efficiencies during Your Event

Let’s face it, every event has unexpected and unanticipated actions! Speakers and presenters are going to run over their allotted times, venues can have problems with audio/visual equipment or food services and your attendees are not going to always adhere to your published schedules.

Using event apps can offset some of these challenges and the related chaos that can occur at some events when information is not quickly provided to attendees!

During the event with an event app you can instantly communicate with your attendees, keeping them abreast of changes in your event in real time and ensuring their event experience is everything it can be.

In turn driving repeat attendance for your next year’s event or others your organization is hosting. In the end, event apps help your organization to engage with your attendees, which can help to drive competitive advantage for your organization!

Event Apps drive Back End Attendee Engagement

Using an event app to gather feedback from and/or poll your attendees will impart efficiencies to your post event marketing and overall communications. Think of an event app as a productivity tool that lets you “touch” (being sensitive to permission based marketing) your attendees after an event when the event and related activities were fresh in their minds.

Most event apps including our own have built in survey functionality which lets you poll your attendees and receive critical (almost real time) feedback from them about your event, speakers, venue and much more. And, using a Grupio app you can even poll your attendees during an individual session to get real time feedback for your presenters or speakers.

You can even build in lead generation with your polling and surveys, offering a discount or some type of incentive for your next event to your attendees – pre-loading your sales funnel for your next event. Let us know if we can help you setup a custom even app for your organization and thanks for visiting our blog!